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Hedgehog Weekly Market Overview 09/21/2008

Editor- Thomas Nelson

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Stock Market Graphic

Hedgehog Small Cap Watchlist (SCW) Stocks:

The primary SCW watchlist focus  is on small and micro cap stocks.
This week we look at Globalstar Inc. (NASDAQ: GSAT - $2.58). 
The editor may hold a position in these stocks. 

Globalstar Inc. - Business Summary

"Globalstar,  Inc.  provides  mobile  voice  and  data  communications 
services  through  satellite.  The  company's  services include mobile 
voice and fixed voice communications,  data satellite  communications, 
satellite   data  modem,   and  personal  asset  tracking  and  remote 
monitoring.  Its products comprise voice and data equipment, emergency 
management  communications  systems,  and  maritime  Wavecall 3000 and 
Wavecall MCM3;  data-only equipment,  including satellite  data  modem 
model GSP-1620 duplex data devices, multi-channel modems, and QUALCOMM 
GSP-1720   satellite  voice  and  data  modems;   and  SPOT  satellite 
messenger.   Globalstar  holds  licenses   to   operate   a   wireless 
communications network through satellites over 27.85 MHz in two blocks 
of global radio frequency spectrum.  As of December 31,  2007,  it had 
approximately 48 in-orbit satellites and 25 ground stations, which are 
referred as gateways.  Globalstar offers  its  products  and  services 
through  distribution managers,  agents,  and dealers;  and resellers, 
including independent gateway operators,  as well as through Internet. 
It  serves  oil  and gas,  government,  mining,  forestry,  commercial 
fishing,  utilities,  military,  transportation,  heavy  construction, 
emergency  preparedness,  and business continuity sectors,  as well as 
individual recreational users.  The company was founded in 2003 and is 
headquartered in Milpitas,  California." - Reuters Abridged Business & 
Financial Summary 

Globalstar Inc. - Chart & Headlines

  1. GSAT Chart
  2. GSAT 10K
  3. GSAT 10Q
  4. GSAT Profile
  5. GSAT Headlines
  6. GSAT Key Statistics

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QQQQ (NASDAQ - 42.87)

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XLF (AMEX - 22.38)

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Market Graphic

Selected Market News & Commentary:

Stocks moved higher last week
  1. Tumultuous Week Ends With Rally
  2. Stocks Soar On Historic Bailout Plan
  3. U.S. Stocks Rise After Government Action Eases Banking Concerns
Oil price moves higher
  1. Oil Prices Bounce Above $103
  2. Oil Prices Creep Higher In Choppy Trade
  3. Oil Prices Surge On US Financial Rescue Plan
Inflation projections are mixed
  1. IMF Warns Policy Makers To Watch Inflation
  2. U.S. Economy: Consumer Prices Fall As Energy Drops
  3. Central Banks Step Up Efforts To Keep Financial System Alive
Short term interest on hold
  1. Fed Holds Rate At 2%
  2. Why The Fed Didn't Cut The Funds Rate
  3. Treasury 3-Month Bill Rates Drop To Lowest Since World War II
U.S. markets trying to find a bottom
  1. The Fix Is In For Stocks
  2. Where AIG Went Wrong
  3. Yahoo Is Counting On Apex
  4. Home Prices Hit Four-Year Low
  5. Seven Days That Shook Wall Street
  6. Rescue Plan Takes Shape On Capitol Hill
  7. The Shakeout After Lehman, Merrill, AIG...
  8. Lehman Employees In Limbo As They Work
  9. The Fed's Bailout Balancing Act Could Work
  10. Oracle Flies High Above Wall Street's Carnage
  11. Bush Team, Congress Negotiate $700B Bailout
  12. Economists See Financial Bailout As Necessary
  13. McAfee Shares Surge As Software Concerns Ease
  14. Radical Bailout Plan Has A Jawdropping Price Tag
  15. Mr. And Ms. Taxpayer Will Learn To Play The Blues
  16. Strong Push For An RTC-Type Solution To The Crisis
The dollar moved lower last week
  1. Dollar Weakness May Persist On Global Demand For Yield
  2. Dollar Rises Most Against Yen Since April On U.S. Bailout Plan
  3. US Dollar Dives On Return To Risk, Paulson/Bernanke Could Add To Losses Next Week

Regional Market News & Commentary:

North American News & Commentary

  1. Paulson Says Markets 'Fragile,' Calls For 'Quick' Plan Passage
  2. Treasury Seeks Authority To Buy Mortgages Unchecked By Courts
  3. U.S. Stocks Rise After Government Action Eases Banking Concerns
  4. California Lawmakers, Schwarzenegger End Record Budget Impasse
  5. Canada Stocks Rally Most Since Crash Of '87 On Bank Rescue Plan

Latin & South American News & Commentary

  1. Fidel Castro Sees U.S. Aid Offer As Hypocritical
  2. Venezuela's Debt Rating May Be Increased By Moody's
  3. Latin American Currencies Soar On U.S. Market Bailout Plans
  4. Ecuador Has Budget Surplus In First Half, President Correa Says
  5. Bush, Uribe Urge U.S. Congress To Approve Free-Trade Agreement

European News & Commentary

  1. Euobserver.com
  2. ECB Home Page
  3. Putin Says Russia Isn't Looking For 'Confrontation'
  4. EU May Start Russian Trade Accord Talks Next Month
  5. Trichet Welcomes U.S. Government Measures On Credit Turmoil

Asian News & Commentary

  1. Huge Blast Strikes Pakistan Capital
  2. Toshiba Cuts 2008 Profit Forecast 46% On Chip Losses
  3. China To Control Inflation, Support Growth, Bank Official Says
  4. Yen Falls Versus Euro As Bailout Revives Higher-Yield Demand
  5. China Power-Plant Coal Reserves At Record, Xinhua News Reports

Commodity News & Commentary:

  1. Oil-             November 2008
  2. Soybeans-   November 2008
  3. Gold-          December 2008
  4. Silver-         December 2008
  5. Corn-          December 2008
  6. Wheat-        December 2008

Miscellaneous News & Commentary

  1. How To Set A Forex Trading Schedule
  2. Short-Sale Restrictions And Inverse ETFs
  3. Chinese Stocks Are World's Worst In 2008
  4. B-Schools Wary On Lehman, Merrill Impact
  5. Writing Covered Calls: A Strategy For The Prudent

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